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D Pine Villa, Genting Sempah. A open concept gathering place that was just finished built. 

The main idea for this place is to create a chill and relax feel for the guest.  


The room 1 is painted in bright red to provide a warm and special feel to our guest. It is equipped with 3 queen size beed and some sofa. It is definitely the best place for rest.

Our Room 2 is more into natural feel to the guests and it is also equipped with 3 queen size bed. Ceiling fan and air condition are here to chill down the hot weather in Malaysia.

Our Room 3 is nicely painted with bright red color as the backdrop, it is into a very comfortable. Everyone resting here will definitely have a good night!

The Room 4 is similar to the room 2 which aiming to create a comfortable feels to our guests.

The Room 5 is into a more modern style. The room is equipped with ceiling fan and aircond. It is also attached with a bathroom




D Pine Villa is set on luxury gated-guarded bungalow land in Genting Sempah Highland, which guests can feel a very windy and chill at night and get surround by nature. It is strategically located nearby to Gontong Jaya and Genting Highland, driving to these place only take less than 30min. 


D Pine Villa

86 Jalan Rimba 1,

Taman Puncak Rimba,

Genting Sempah,

28750 Pahang, Malaysia


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